Partial Payment Information
Direct Post API

Request Details

Variable Description
partial_payments_id Unique identifier returned when making the original transaction. This should only be used for secondary transactions.
partial_payments This variable allows the following two values to be passed to it:
settle_partial: Settles any amount of tender collected (captured partial auth's and approved partial sales) at cut off.
payment_in_full: Required that any split tendered transaction is collected in-full before settlement gets initiated.
type This variable can be passed the value 'complete_partial_payment' which will complete a payment_in_full transaction that has not been collected in full. This allows industries that require payment_in_full but subsequently decide to still settle the transaction even though it has not been collected in full.

Response Details

Variable Description
partial_payment_id A numeric identifier which is used when submitting subsequent transactions.
partial_payment_balance Returns the payment's remaining balance.
amount_authorized Provides the amount that was authorized.


Example 1: In this request, if nothing more was done, a transaction for 30.00 would settle at the next cut-off.

Request ...type=sale&partial_payments=settle_partial&ccnumber=4111111111111111&ccexp=1016&amount=100.00...
Response ...response=1&partial_payment_id=123456789&partial_payment_balance=70.00&amount=30.00...

Example 2: In this request, payment_in_full was required and two transaction were collected - this transaction would settle at the next cut-off.

Request 1 ...type=sale&partial_payments=payment_in_full&ccnumber=4111111111111111&ccexp=1016&amount=100.00...
Response 1 ...response=1&partial_payment_id=123456789&partial_payment_balance=70.00&amount=30.00...
Request 2 ...type=sale&partial_payment_id=123456789&partial_payments=payment_in_full&ccnumber=4000000000000002&ccexp=1016&amount=70.00...
Response 2 ...response=1& partial_payment_id=123456789&partial_payment _balance=0.00&amount=70.00...

Example 3: In this example, payment_in_full was required and two transactions were attempted, but only one collected. The merchant decided to force it out anyways - this transaction would settle at the next cut-off.

Request 1 ...type=sale&partial_payments=payment_in_full&ccnumber=4111111111111111&ccexp=1016&amount=100.00...
Response 1 ...response=1&partial_payment_id=123456789&partial_payment_balance=70.00&amount=30.00...
Request 2 ...type=sale&partial_payment_id=123456789&partial_payments=payment_in_full&ccnumber=4000000000000002&ccexp=1016&amount=70.00...
Response 2 ...response=2&partial_payment_id=123456789&partial_payment_balance=70.00&amount=70.00...
Request 3 ...type=complete_partial_payment& partial_payment_id=123456789&partial_payments=payment_in_full&amount=70.00...
Response 3 ...response=1& partial_payment_id=123456789&partial_payment_balance=0.00&amount=70.00...

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