Customer Vault Variables
Direct Post API

Add/Update Customer Record

Variables Description
customer_vault* Add/Update a secure customer vault record.
Values: 'add_customer' or 'update_customer'
customer_vault_id Specifies a customer vault id. If not set, the payment gateway will randomly generate a customer vault id.
billing_id Billing id to be assigned or updated. If none is provided, one will be created or the billing id with priority '1' will be updated.
username* Username assigned to merchant account.
password* Password assigned to merchant account.
ccnumber** Credit card number.
ccexp** Credit card expiration.
Format: MMYY
checkname*** The name on the customer's ACH account.
checkaba*** The customer's bank routing number.
checkaccount*** The customer's bank account number.
account_holder_type*** The customer's ACH account entity.
Values: 'personal' or 'business'
account_type*** The customer's ACH account type.
Values: 'checking' or 'savings'
sec_code ACH standard entry class codes.
Values: 'PPD', 'WEB', 'TEL', or 'CCD'
currency Set transaction currency.
payment Set payment type to ACH or credit card.
Values: 'creditcard' or 'check'
orderid Order id
order_description Order Description
merchant_defined_field_# Can be set up in merchant control panel under 'Settings'->'Merchant Defined Fields'.
Format: merchant_defined_field_1=Value
ponumber**** Cardholder's purchase order number.
tax**** Total tax amount.
Format: x.xx
tax_exempt**** Set whether cardholder is tax exempt.
Values: 'true' or 'false'
shipping**** Total shipping amount
first_name Cardholder's first name.
last_name Cardholder's last name.
address1 Card billing address.
city Card billing city
state Card billing state.
zip Card billing postal code.
country Card billing country code.
phone Billing phone number.
email Billing email address.
company Cardholder's company.
address2 Card billing address, line 2.
fax Billing fax number.
shipping_id Shipping entry id. If none is provided, one will be created or the billing id with priority '1' will be updated.
shipping_firstname Shipping first name.
shipping_lastname Shipping last name.
shipping_company Shipping company.
shipping_address1 Shipping address.
shipping_address2 Shipping address, line 2.
shipping_city Shipping city
shipping_state Shipping state.
shipping_zip Shipping postal code.
shipping_country Shipping country code.
shipping_phone Shipping phone number.
shipping_fax Shipping fax number.
shipping_email Shipping email address.
* Always required
** Required for credit card transactions
*** Required for ACH transactions
**** Required for Level 2 transactions

Customer Vault initiated Sale/Auth/Credit/Offline

Variable Description
username* Username assigned to merchant account.
password* Password assigned to merchant account.
customer_vault_id* Specifies a customer vault id.
amount Total amount to be charged. For validate, the amount must be omitted or set to 0.00.
Format: x.xx
currency The transaction currency. Format: ISO 4217
processor_id If using Multiple MIDs, route to this processor (processor_id is obtained under Settings->Load Balancing in the Control Panel).
descriptor Set payment descriptor on supported processors.
descriptor_phone Set payment descriptor phone on supported processors.
orderdescription Order description.
orderid Order ID
* Always required

Delete Customer Record

Variable Description
customer_vault* Deletes a secure customer vault record.
Values: 'delete_customer'
customer_vault_id* Specifies a customer vault id.
username* Username assigned to merchant account.
password* Password assigned to merchant account.
* Always required

  • If you do not pass a customer_vault_id, our system will randomly generate one. If you include a customer_id and customer_vault_id, they must match.
  • You can only pass Credit Card or Electronic Check transaction variables.

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