iSpyFraudTM Fraud Prevention

Prevent Credit Card Fraud with iSpyFraudTM!

Merchant Fraud Prevention with iSpyFraudiSpyFraudTM is a rule-set based fraud management utility that allows merchants to configure extensive filters to help them in detecting and protecting against fraud and screening suspicious transactions. Its extensive reporting system gives merchants a quick and easy way to review transactions, block suspicious activity, and identify malicious users or activity.

iSpyFraudTM looks at transactions both before and after processing the credit card, and it is able to decline credit card transactions before and after authorization. The successful implementations and reductions in chargebacks across numerous merchants is a true a testament to the effectiveness of this credit card fraud prevention product!

Additionally, iSpyFraudTM allows the user to set a limit on the amount that may be charged in a single transaction, in a day, month, or even a week. iSpyFraudTM also allows the user to limit the number of transactions that may be performed in a day or week. These limits on transactions or amounts may be linked to a credit card number or IP address.

CyoGate offers numerous tools and techniques to keep chargeback ratios under control including full chargeback prevention services. If you need help managing chargebacks, please contact us today!

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Retail & Internet Merchant Accounts

An Internet Merchant Account is sometimes referred to as a "MOTO" (Mail Order & Telephone Order) Account because they all require the ability to process a credit card payment when there is no physical credit card present to be swiped. A standard retail "swipe" merchant account does not allow processing of these "card-not-present" transactions.

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High Risk Merchant Accounts

If the domestic banks are denying your merchant application because they believe your industry is considered high risk, CyoGate can help! We have an offshore network of merchant processing partners that enable us to provide low cost, high risk merchant solutions to a much wider range of businesses and industries.

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Internet Payment Gateway

The CyoGate Internet Payment Gateway offers one of the quickest and most cost effective ways to accept and process credit card and electronic check payments online. Our payment gateway works with most existing merchant accounts and supports hundreds of popular web shopping carts and eCommerce platforms.

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