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What is an eCheck?

Electronic checks, or "eChecks" are simply a digital version or representation of a paper check. It contains the same information, is based on the same legal framework, can be directly exchanged between two parties, and can be used in any and all remote transactions where paper checks can be used.

eChecks, however, have some important features including:

  • The ability to conduct bank transactions, yet are safe enough to use on the Internet and/or mobile device
  • Unlimited, but controlled, information carrying capability
  • Reduces fraud losses for all parties
  • Automatic verification of content and validity
  • Traditional checking features such as stop payments and easy reconciliation
  • Enhanced capabilities such as effective dating

In addition, an eCheck:

  • Can be used by all account holders, large and small, even where other electronic payment solutions are too risky, or not appropriate
  • Is the most secure payment instrument available today
  • Provides rapid and secure settlement of financial obligations
  • Can be used with existing checking accounts
  • Can be initiated from a variety of hardware platforms and software applications

eChecks are said to be one of the most secure payment methods ever designed or developed using multiple state-of-the-art security techniques including:

  • Authentication
  • Public Key Cryptography
  • Digital Signatures
  • Certificate Authorities
  • Duplicate Detection
  • Encryption

eChecks further enhance standard banking processes by adding an additional layer of security so that even breaking the cryptographic protections would not necessarily allow a fraudulent transaction to be paid.

Why Use eChecks?

In addition to the flexibility of being able to accept multiple forms of payment, a merchant account is not required to be able to process eChecks, and the rate is lower than processing credit card transactions, making it an excellent alternative for businesses who are unable to acquire a merchant account, or as an alternative to high-risk merchant processing where rates tend to be significantly higher.

There is also lower risk associated with eCheck payments. While, like a paper check, an eCheck transaction can be declined, it can not be "charged back". Also, because the transaction processes quicker, it is less likely that the payors account will have NSF at the time the check is presented; and there's a quicker time to payment.

If your business has remote representatives or sales people that receive paper-based check in the field, the liability of losing checks before they are returned back to the office can be eliminated by processing eChecks remotely using our Mobile eCheck Processing services.

For more information on accepting eChecks, please contact us.

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