Customizing QuickClick

You will need to have the Administrative Options permission set in order to access QuickClick settings. These can be found by clicking on the QuickClick link under Settings(the link, not in Integration).

Look and Feel

Choose a Profile

In order to choose a pre-existing profile, select 'Make Default' to the right of the profile name. If there is no 'Make Default' link, the profile is already set.

Add New Profile
  1. Name the profile (no spaces).
  2. Choose the colors of the Text, Form fields, Form Headers, Required Fields/Errors, and Background. If you do not see the HEX value desired, you can input any web friendly HEX value into the fields provided.
  3. Enter in one of the following: a Direct Link to an image file (ex: or a direct link to an HTML/PHP file that contains a header with the same look of the Merchant Website. (ex:
  4. Within Header Text, you can paste a style sheet HTML string like so: <link rel="stylesheet" href="" /> and QuickClick will use that style sheet to make the form look like forms on the Merchant website.
  5. You may use a Footer file as well to round out the page, but do NOT enter the same style sheet link into the footer text field.
  6. Click Save. This will bring you back to the Look and Feel page, and you will see your new profile in the list. To make it active, click 'Make Default'.

Customer Information

While field names can not be altered, fields that are not required can be hidden if not needed. Here, you will see a list of all available QuickClick fields.

  • It is recommended to choose 'Required' for the Card Security Code.
  • You may choose Hidden' for any other fields not wanted/needed.
  • If you have created any Merchant Defined Fields and want them visible on the Form, please make them 'Optional' or 'Required' at the bottom of the list as they are Hidden by default.
  • Click 'Save' at the bottom of the page when you are done.

Payment Methods

This is where you can decide which payment methods (Credit Card, Electronic Check) will be accepted by QuickClick.


QuickClick 'Verification' involves a hashing so that malicious users are unable to alter the button HTML. This can be turned on and off using this interface. If you do not wish to use Verification you must uncheck 'Require that all values be verified using a security key'. This will associate your Buttons with your GATEWAY USERNAME.

Please advise that buttons can become void if a username is ever deleted from the Gateway. Using Verification eliminates this possibility.

QuickClick also has the option of requiring your customers to enter a CAPTCHA entry in order to process. This makes it more difficult for fraudsters to use your button for fraud using a bot or brute force tool. This can be disabled and enabled using this interface.


In order to set tax, choose the State from the drop-down, and enter the percentage Tax Rate in the field to the right. When you click 'Save', QuickClick will automatically calculate Tax based on the State entered into the Billing Address form when checking out. Tax will NOT appear until this occurs. This setting is specific to the Shopping Cart Button and does not apply to Fixed Price or Donation Buttons.


Rather than charging shipping on a 'per item basis' most merchants prefer to use the Shipping threshold module. The threshold is based off of dollar amount. For example, the very first threshold should be below the lowest priced item -- it's suggested to use .01 as the first threshold, and then set both the domestic and international rate. It is not possible to exclude the International field from this threshold.

For example: if you want to offer free shipping on purchases over $100.00, enter shipping threshold as such:

Threshold Domestic International
100.00 0.00 0.00

You can also choose specific shipping types and mark them up by percentages (including 0% if necessary). For example, if 'Ground' is checked, and a 15% markup entered, QuickClick will use the Threshold table and add 15% to the total Shipping dependent on the total amount in the cart. As an example:

Shipping Threshold is 50.00 @ 15.00 Domestic. If I, as the customer, buy 53.00 of product and choose Ground Shipping, my total shipping cost will now be $17.25.

Convenience Fee/Surcharging Configuration

The Gateway supports a Convenience Fee/Surcharge feature which can be used with QuickClick. To change these settings, please navigate to 'Settings'->'Convenience Fee/Surcharging Configuration' and activate the option, set the fixed and percentages and the Default Type and click 'Save'.

Once those are saved, the Default Surcharge Type for QuickClick can be set.

Apply for a Merchant Account Signup for the Payment Gateway

Retail & Internet Merchant Accounts

An Internet Merchant Account is sometimes referred to as a "MOTO" (Mail Order & Telephone Order) Account because they all require the ability to process a credit card payment when there is no physical credit card present to be swiped. A standard retail "swipe" merchant account does not allow processing of these "card-not-present" transactions.

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High Risk Merchant Accounts

If the domestic banks are denying your merchant application because they believe your industry is considered high risk, CyoGate can help! We have an offshore network of merchant processing partners that enable us to provide low cost, high risk merchant solutions to a much wider range of businesses and industries.

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Internet Payment Gateway

The CyoGate Internet Payment Gateway offers one of the quickest and most cost effective ways to accept and process credit card and electronic check payments online. Our payment gateway works with most existing merchant accounts and supports hundreds of popular web shopping carts and eCommerce platforms.

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