Chargeback Reason Codes for AMEX

AMEX Chargeback Reason Codes

Following is the list of Chargeback Reason Codes used by American Express (AMEX):

AMEX Chargeback Reason Codes

Reason Code



A02 Request for Information No Authorization
C02 Cancelled/Returned by Cardholder Credit not Processed
FR2 Fraud Fraudulent Transaction
P08 Processing Error Paid By Other Means
P17 Request for Information Debit Adjustment
R01 Non-Receipt of Goods or Services Non-Receipt of Merchandise
R03 Request for Information Fraudulent Transaction
R04 Cancelled/Returned by Cardholder Not as Described or Defective Merchandise
R13 Request for Information Requested Transaction Information Not Received
M01 Request for Information Merchant Accepted Chargeback
M04 Cancelled/Returned by Cardholder Merchant Accepted Chargeback
R14 Request for Information Requested Transaction Information Not Received
R17 Request for Information Non Dispute Adjustment
S01 Request for Information Non Dispute Adjustment
R12 Request for Information Notification
R21 Request for Information Non Dispute Adjustment

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